Upea ura (Glorious Career) career festival comes around again – for the 2nd time

The Finnish work and career network Ompeluseura is organizing the popular Upea ura festival for the second time. Upea ura career festival of 2018 gathers future leaders to Helsinki under a very current theme ‘The Future of Work’.  

The producers of the festival and the developers of the Ompeluseura network Katri Manninen and Jenna Karas state that, “as we learnt from the visitors, speakers, and organizers of Upea ura career festival in 2017, last year’s event was a great success. That is why we need to make it happen again. Organizing the event for the second time gives us an opportunity to improve the concept to reach new heights.”

What is Upea ura?

Upea ura Career Festival is organized entirely by volunteers, and it is targeted for career-driven women. Like the past event, Upea ura career festival of 2018 offers inspiring talks from woman professionals of various fields, discussion about the future of work life, and peer support.

The founder of Ompeluseura and the creative director of the festival Maria Teikari states that, “the vision of Upea ura career festival is to support the women of Finland to face the changes and challenges happening in the work life. The event provides visitors practical tools and inspiration. The main topics of the festival this year are the future of work, entrepreneurship, great work life, acknowledging one’s own expertise, and personal branding.”  

What is Ompeluseura?

Ompeluseura is a women’s work and career network, which is mainly based on several discussion groups on Facebook. The network was founded by Maria Teikari and Milla Halme in 2014, and it has more than 25,000 members from all over Finland. Ompeluseura provides a platform to discuss work-life and career related issues, to share information about job opportunities, to offer peer support, and to organize events and meet-ups.

More information coming soon!

Upea Ura – the Glorious Career Festival is organised by a group of volunteers.
Please contact: upeaura (a) gmail.com